Nous avons passé un moment très riche le 13 Mars 2018 avec Olivier, notre partenaire, venu de Budapest pour rencontrer les élèves de la Section Européenne....




Olivier a présenté son parcours à nos élèves. Il est parti d'un diplôme en lycée professionnel et son chemin de vie a touché les jeunes.

Olivier leur  a donné beaucoup de conseils très importants. Et surtout, il a montré à nos élèves que c'est possible de réaliser de belles choses. 

Les professeurs de la Section Européenne sont  très satisfaites d'avoir permis cette rencontre qui donne de l'espoir à nos jeunes.

Olivier a parlé du stage que les élèves auraient à faire chez lui dans le cadre d'une mobilité.

Les tâches professionnelles correspondent parfaitement au référentiel ARCU et tout se fera en anglais.

Nous remercions Olivier pour ce moment de partage unique.

Et nous avons pu constater que les élèves avaient tous envie de continuer en Section Européenne.


Travail réalisé par les élèves :


« Olivier’s visit was so good because he motivated us ». Ayoub, 1GA1


Olivier came to visit the European Section on Tuesday 13 March in our Vocational School, Louis Lumière.

Olivier is a partner from Hungary, Budapest.

He told us about his career and his earlier life.

He started from the bottom to climb all the way up to the top:

He started attending a vocational school. He got his CAP diploma in accounting. Then he went back to a regular high School. And he stopped studying after graduation.

“He stopped wishing and started doing”:

He worked with the Club Med for a few years.

He took a year off and he cycled through different countries from France to Lebanon.

He decided to stay in Hungary after his trip.

He had many different jobs before he opened his own company.

He found a business partner and they opened their first tourism office. But the road to success is very long and difficult: they had to move to a different place and they had to adapt their offer to the customers’ needs.

They had to accept to spend a whole year without any benefits.

After a few years they started a partnership with VARGA, a Cristal Maker in Budapest. They produce luxury Cristal products.

Olivier and his business partner built links with a luxury hotel (Four Seasons) which is near his Cristal shop.

The hotel uses Olivier’s glasses in their lounge. And it brings Olivier customers.

The Moroccan King, Mohamed 6, bought several sets of glasses in Olivier’s shop 2 years ago for 200,000 Euros!

Olivier explained that he would welcome the students in his tourism office. He will ask them to take the tourists in charge giving them information about the places to visit and the different goods they can buy. The students will have a week before they start their training period in the shop to visit the city of Budapest and gat to know it, taking cruises and tours.

The students will have to speak English in their working place and in their everyday life.

The opportunity Olivier gives to the students is unique and will bring them a lot of assets they can use in their professional life and their schooling.




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